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The designing and building phases are done, and now it's time to begin instruction. Class begins!

Pre-flight Course Check

Before students are added to the course, you should consider double checking your course.

  • Check start/end dates, due dates, etc., for
    • Topics to be covered
    • Assignments
    • Quizzes
    • Discussions postings
  • Check settings for
    • Assignments
    • Quizzes
  • Check
    • Links in learning modules
    • Student activities to make sure they are clear and correlate with content in menu

First Few Days or Week 1

The first few days should be devoted to allowing the students to become oriented to your course.

  • Students read your welcome page.
  • Students work through the "Start Here" information.
  • Students introduce themselves. (This creates a sense of community.)
  • Give feedback to some or all of the introductions.
  • If you're using audio or video, have the students test it before they actually need to use it.
  • Make sure the students understand all the course policies as outlined in the "Start Here" module. Ask if there are any questions.
  • Students take the "Student Survey" if you desire to get information from them.
  • Give a quiz over the "Start Here" module? (optional)
  • Announce when the students should begin working.
  • Be vigilant to questions from students; check email and discussions in Vista frequently (at least for the first week), and respond in a timely manner.

Week 1 or 2 - Instruction Begins

  • Post a discussion to reinforce what the students should be doing.
  • During the first week, ask "How's it going? This helps the students know you genuinely care about their experience in your course, and it could alert you to any potential problems.

Formative Feedback in Each Module

Formative feedback is useful to help you see what is working and not working. This has already been set up in our course for every learning module. Open-ended questions get the best results. For example:

  • What do you like best about this learning unit?
  • What do you like least about this learning unit?
  • How would you improve this learning unit?

You have access to this feedback at any time. It is recommended that you read the feedback on a frequent basis, and make adjustments to the course as necessary.