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The course is over, and it's now time to stop and evaluate the teaching and learning activities, and student learning outcomes. Student learning outcome is the key factor to evaluating effective course design. There are many factors that can influence student learning outcomes.

In this section, you will evaluate your course design by looking at how well your students achieved the stated learning outcomes. The answers to the following questions should help you improve your course design.

  • Does the students' demonstration of learning align with your stated learning outcomes?
    • Did the teaching strategies and learning assignments move the students to the stated learning outcomes?
    • Were the stated learning outcomes specific enough to inform the students of how they should study and how they would be assessed?
  • If there is a gap between the expected learning outcomes and how well your students achieved the expectations, then there is a problem with course activities and/or delivery.

Things you might consider:

  • If there is a problem, where is it?
    • Instructions in the overview page not clear
    • Student learning outcomes
      • Did the students meet your learning objective statements?
        • Objective statements not "measurable"
        • Assessment strategies did not accurately measure objectives
        • Learning activities did not support objectives
    • Examples or models of student work not provided
    • Rubrics/guidelines not clear
    • Assignments not clear
    • Other
  • Re-review all the formative evaluations for clues
  • Interview students for more feedback